What is studentfolio?

studentfolio is an online portfolio tool (e-portfolio) that includes aspects of social networking. studentfolio is available to University of Brighton students and staff.

An e-portfolio provides you with a mechanism to record and manage evidence of your learning digitally. Using the work and evidence you've gathered together, you can easily build web pages using this information to demonstrate your skills, knowledge and attributes. You can then choose who can see these pages, either other users in studentfolio or on the world wide web.

The convenience and flexibility of an e-portfolio means:

  1. All of your digital work is held in one place that you can access securely through the Internet.
  2. You can take advantage of digital technology to assemble work online including files, images, diagrams, web links and multi-media.
  3. Your e-portfolio can be quickly and easily updated or customised to present content to different audiences, for example, to a potential employer or a tutor for assessment.
  4. Anything you create on studentfolio is private and can only be seen by you until you choose to share it.
  5. studentfolio is a safe place to develop your web skills and online identity.
  • studentfolio allows you to have control over who has access to your content.
  • Content can include files, images and video.
  • The social networking features of studentfolio enable you to interact with other users online to view and share material as a community.

Use your e-portfolio for:

  • Personal Development Planning (PDP) as part of the Graduate Toolkit
  • Recording your achievements
  • Building an online CV
  • Planning and organising your professional online profile
  • Providing evidence of your learning
  • Reflecting on your progress and development
  • Organising projects
  • Working in a group

studentfolio runs using the free Open Source Software called Mahara (under the GNU General Public License). http://mahara.org