4. Choose who can see & find the group

5. The Visibility section determines how other users can find and view the group.

a. Publically viewable group – ticking this option allows anyone on the Internet to view the group ‘About’ home page and contributions to discussion ‘Forums’ in the group. (If ‘Hide Membership’ has not been ticked then the members listed on the group are also publically viewable.)
Note: Only members can see the group’s Pages and Files, unless they have been shared to make them public.

b. Hide group – this option stops the group being searched for and listed in Find Groups.
This option is useful to archive groups that are no longer active from previous years.
c. Hide Membership – members of the group are not shown to non-members.
d. Hide membership from members – membership of the group is only seen by the group administrator/s.

e. Participation report - tick this box if you want group administrators to view a report showing all of the group pages and pages shared with the group, inlcuding who has commented on them.