2. Control group membership

Decide on the Group settings:

3. Under Membership, determine how students can join your group.

a. Open – creates a group that anyone in studentfolio can join without your approval.

b. Controlled – creates a group where you can add users and prevent users from choosing to leave the group.

c. Request – allows users to send you a membership request to join the group. (Note: this option is only available if you have selected Controlled membership.)

Recommended method for enrolling students
The easiest option for getting your students enrolled is to make your group hidden (see section 5) and the membership 'Open'. Once you've created the group go to the group home page and copy the URL. Send the URL to your students and then they simply click a 'Join' button.

d. Roles – Choose between 2 options:

  • ‘Standard: Member, Admin’ – means members of the group will be normal users (members) or can be made Group Administrators who can edit the settings and membership for the group.
  • ‘Course – Member, Tutor, Admin’ – if this option is selected the role of Tutor can be allocated to a group member in addition to the administrator. A tutor can provide feedback on and release pages back, to members when 'Allow submission' has been selected.


e. Friend Invitations – tick the box to allow members of a group to send an invitation to a friend to join the group. (This option useful for promoting group membership.)

f. Recommendations – tick this box to allow members to send a recommendation to friends to join this group. (This option is only available if Open membership has been selected.)