3. Select settings for Pages

4. The Pages section determines how pages can be used in the group area.

a. Create and Edit Pages – allows you to choose who can create and edit group pages (these are pages created in the group area itself.)

  • All group members
  • Everyone except ordinary members (if you have selected ‘Course – Member, Tutor, Admin’ under Roles, this option allows anyone allocated the role of tutor to create and edit pages.)
  • Group Administrators

b. Allow submissions – tick this option to allow members to submit pages to the group area for formal assessment.
In this process, the submitted pages and any files used on the page are locked (preventing editing) until the tutor or group administrator releases the page back to the user with feedback.

(Note: Members of the group can always share a page with the group but this method is separate from allow submission and does not lock the Page.)