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Wrote the chapter, "Approaching apps for learning, teaching and research". P. 238 Introduction - Excerpt: "This chapter looks at discovery techniques and strategies for approaching the use of apps in support of learning, teaching and research. Example scenarios are included to help illustrate situations where apps can solve a problem or augment existing teaching practice. This chapter has a pragmatic tone and is based upon my own experience working with apps and smart devices in higher education for over five years. Your own path of discovery with your device will be granular and accumulative and it is my hope that the suggested strategies outlined herein will help you to make the most of the functionality afforded by apps and will give you the confidence to expand upon your current use of your smart device."

Title: App swap breakfasts: pedagogy, mobile devices and learning discourse over breakfast Abstract: Use of mobile technology at the University of Brighton has increased significantly in recent years. Many Schools are providing staff with mobile devices and, at the same time, conducting a number of initiatives exploring the use of mobile devices in learning and teaching. With a palpable desire to capture this undercurrent of enthusiasm, the eLearning team were keen to provide a stimulating forum whereby people could meet in a relaxed, café environment, to share ideas and experiences, regardless of expertise and without the restraints of a rigid format. The App Swap Breakfasts met the criteria we were looking for.

Design/Instructional Design Juried Paper Design Principles and Practices Journal Publication Date: 10/06/11 Abstract: