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Ongoing committee work and event Gamification design as outlined below. As part of the Spotlight on digital capabilities event Fiona MacNeill and Farzana Latif (University of Sheffield) revisited the idea of gamifying the conference proceedings. The definition of Gamification, that inspired the 2016 GameMakers was coined by Andrzej Marczewski, 2015, “the use of game design metaphors to create more game-like and engaging experiences” (p.11). Experience is key here, we aimed to provide a conference wide game that: - augmented the proceedings, without distracting; - allowed participants to create, not only consume; - provided networking, not working; - and embodied the values and themes that UCISA is working on every day. Game instructions: Game webinar:

Brighton moodle users and developers group.

Minnesota Instructional Technologists (MinIT)
2009 - 2013