I'm in the process of slowly handing over Jisc stuff prior to starting at Brighton. One of the things I can probably keep hold of is my link to the Leap2A work.

Leap2A is a specification for describing the structure of information that might be held in an ePortfolio, like this one... Mahara.

The idea was to provide a way to let folk take their information with them. There are a couple of reasons for doing this, including an overarching ethos that the information belongs to the learner, not the institution.

In theory you should be able to export all of the information in your studentfolio, and then import it into another instance of Mahara, or any other ePortfolio that supports Leap2A spec, such as Pebblepad.

In practise, I'm not sure how easy this is for any but the most dedicated. The downside of making the information the responsibility of the individual is that the efficiencies of bulk upload/transfer aren't likely to be present, so any import/export just becomes a bit of a bother for the IT services.

Still, worth a bash. I'll see what facilities StudentFolio offers in terms of import and export and report back :)

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I start at UoB at the end of March, 11 weeks, which seems like an eternity. However I have a number of commitments that I have made at Jisc, and feel obliged to see them through.

The first of these is to coordinate the marking of proposals for the BIS FE programme, which has £1m to fund innovative uses of technology. It lines up with a wider BIS initiave FELTAG, which is aiming to encourage a step change in L&T in FE (or to generate some spiffy headlines for Minister Hancock... if you are cynical).

Next is stage 2 of the Jisc Coursedata programme which is using Hefce capital funds to support improvements to University course data handling. The work here initially consists of building on work done with Hediip which identified a need for useful vocabularies. Funding roll out to Unis to review and improve their course data handling will follow, and there's also some work around supporting data agregators, like Graduate Prospects, and the British Council.

On a seperate note I'm presenting at the British Council on the 21st to what used to be the Learning World Forum (when we ran it under the auspices of Becta), and now has some other fancy title. I'm talking about starting, and building a community to provide peer support for those planning learning technology interventions, this is based on the work done with the FE Champions programme, which started back in the last millenium and is still going strong.

Thirdly, I'm working on sessions for the Jisc Digifest, my last hoorah, which takes place on the 11th and 12th March in Brum (I think). There's a number of session submissions I have in the pipeline, and as a staffer I'll be helping man stands, chair sessions and such like.

Finally I have a number of "open" projects that I need to hand over and reports to finalise.

So that's me. reasonably busy, looking forward to starting at UoB, saddened by the thought of leaving my old team.

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