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I'm in the process of slowly handing over Jisc stuff prior to starting at Brighton. One of the things I can probably keep hold of is my link to the Leap2A work.

Leap2A is a specification for describing the structure of information that might be held in an ePortfolio, like this one... Mahara.

The idea was to provide a way to let folk take their information with them. There are a couple of reasons for doing this, including an overarching ethos that the information belongs to the learner, not the institution.

In theory you should be able to export all of the information in your studentfolio, and then import it into another instance of Mahara, or any other ePortfolio that supports Leap2A spec, such as Pebblepad.

In practise, I'm not sure how easy this is for any but the most dedicated. The downside of making the information the responsibility of the individual is that the efficiencies of bulk upload/transfer aren't likely to be present, so any import/export just becomes a bit of a bother for the IT services.

Still, worth a bash. I'll see what facilities StudentFolio offers in terms of import and export and report back :)

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