Employment history

I consult with academics, and course teams, on embedding technologically enhanced learning into their teaching. I also provide one-on-one support, guidance, and advice on using StudentCentral (Blackboard Learn) and other technologies that support teaching and research, including e-submissions, mobile technologies, ePortfolios, blogging, and other systems. My personal duties revolve around Distance Learning, Blended (and Flipped) Learning, Media submissons and assessment, Edublogs (Wordpress), and all things StudentFolio (Mahara.)

I am the primary support person for the School of Education's distance learning programmes. I assist academic staff and students with eLearning and portfolio systems: Blackboard, PebblePad and Mahara and provide support for Webinars and communication systems such as Microsoft Lync and Skype. I am also responsible for providing synchronous and asynchronous tutorials involving the use of software and hardware for educational purposes.

I coordinated the scheduling and running of workshops and events in the IdeaLab, Carleton College's premier multi-media lab. I also worked as the Campus Liaison to the New Media Consortium, staying up on the latest technologies and bringing them back to the campus, to add to the richness of our program. I was responsible for working with faculty and their students supporting pedagogy involving using media, hardware, and software to create rich projects for learning. I consulted for faculty/staff and students on the purchase of technology for departments and personal uses. I was also responsible for the duties I had held as the Media Lab Specialist. See below.

Address: Northfield, Minnesota

I was responsible for the day to day running and supervising of the Presentation, Events and Production Support (PEPS) for Carleton College. I worked as the main production and media creator for Carleton's academic programs. I was the student workers' main supervisor, and trained and worked with the students to support all of the campus' audio and video needs: videography and post-production, videoconferencing, and classroom technology as well as preparing media for the campus VLE (Moodle).

Address: Northfield, Minnesota

Whilst working on my graduate degree, I was hired through the Student Union to teach life drawing to students and community members from Canterbury at the institution.

Address: Canterbury, Kent

(Voluntary position) Assisted 1st and 2nd year students in preparation of their exams and final critiques.

Address: Canterbury, Kent

Developed and taught three courses, Introduction to Black and White Photography, Studio Black and White Photography and Computer Art and Design. Taught secondary students aged 14-18 the fundamentals of chemical-based photography, colour theory, design and lighting. Also instructed students in art history, pertaining to Photography and Design.

Address: Richfield, Minnesota

Assisted lecturers with teaching and supporting the students on the Foundation Design, Art Foundations and Advertising Design courses. Instruction in Quark XPress, Adobe PageMaker, Photoshop, Illustrator and GoLive.

Address: River Falls, Wisconsin