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What is my Profile Page used for?

Your Profile Page is used by other users of studentfolio to see who you are and what interests you have. These might be research, learning or personal.

Filling in your Profile page and adding a profile picture will help others find you on studentfolio and let them know who you are. You can chose what information you want to add and show to others.

Building your profile page is a 2 step process:

  1. Details for your Profile page need to be entered into the Profile section of studentfolio. This stores your contact details and personal information. 
  2. Then edit your Profile page to choose what information you want to show.

1. Add your Profile information

To enter your profile information, go to Content > Profile.


Fill in your details on the different tabs for:

About Me.

Contact Information. (We do not recommend that you share your personal email, phone number and address with others on studentfolio or publicly.)



Click the Save Profile button at the bottom of each section.

Note: All of this information is private until you choose to share it on your profile page.

Add a Profile Picture.

Add a profile picture under Content > Profile Picture.

Your picture should be square and with a recommended dimension of 100 x 100 pixels.

How to upload a profile picture.


2. Edit your Profile Page

Your profile page is visible to other users on studentfolio by default. Only basic information is shown.



Your profile page can be found under Portfolio > Pages and can be found at the top of the list of pages.

Click on the Edit button to make changes to the page.

Look at Add and Edit Page Content to see how to edit your page.

Your Profile Page has specific content blocks that are only available to add and edit on this page. These are:

  • My Friends.
  • My Groups.
  • My Pages.
  • Wall.

The Profile Information block is the one that will allow you to show details from the content you entered in your Profile.

You can edit a block by clicking the Configure button. 

Click here to find out how to edit the Profile Information block.

Click here to find out about the Personal Info blocks

Note: When editing the page these blocks can be found under the Personal Info options in the Content Chooser.

Edit access to your Profile Page.

By default only University of Brighton staff and students can see your profile page in studentfolio.

Users can click on your name in studentfolio to open your profile page. It can be found on every page you create and share.

Click here to find out more details on how to edit access to a page.

Make your profile page Publicly visible.

You can choose to make your profile page visible to anyone on the Internet by changing the Sharing settings for the page.

To do this go to Portfolio > Share by me. 

Click on the Edit Access button beside Profile Page. 

In edit access, click the Add button  next to Public

And click Save.