Working with Groups & Friends

Find and Join Groups


Working with Groups & Friends

Find and Join Groups

Working on a Group Page

Working on a Group Page

Using Forums

Using Forums

What does the Group area show?

Click the Groups link to see:

  • My groups - a list of the groups you have joined.
  • Find groups - Search for groups to join.
  • My friends - a list of people you've made a Friend.
  • Find friends - Search for other people on studentfolio you want to connect with and make a friend.
  • Topics - lists the Discussion Forums taking place in groups you are part of.

Find a Group

Go to Groups > Find Groups.

Use this section to search for and find groups that you want to join or that you are already a member of. 


Type keywords into the search box under the 'Find groups' heading to look for a group. And click Search.

The search will show matches using the title and description of the group. You can limit your search using the drop down menu for: Groups I can join, Groups I'm not in, Groups I'm in, All Groups.

In the list of Groups shown, you can find out more information for a group by:

  • Clicking the group title to see the group homepage.
  • Checking the name/s of the group administrators.
  • Clicking on the 'member' link to see who else is a member. (If this has been allowed by the group administrator.)

What if my Group isn't listed?

Check with your tutor. Sometimes Groups are hidden and cannot be found using a search.

In this case, your tutor may send you a direct web link in an email, to join the Group.


Join a Group

To join a group:

After searching for a Group under Find Groups...

Depending on how groups have been set up by your tutor, you will see different joining options:

1. Join this group - This button shows that membership of this group is un-restricted (Open) and anyone can chose to join. Clicking the button will immediately make you a member. Note: You'll also be able to leave an Open group at any time by clicking the 'Leave this group' button.

2. Request to join this group - This button indicates that the group has a closed membership and you'll need to ask permission to join. Clicking the button will send a message to the group owner who can either accept or decline your request.

3Accept or Decline - These buttons appear if you have been invited to join a group by the group owner (usually your tutor). You can chose to become a member by clicking Accept or turn it down by clicking Decline.

Getting added to a group automatically.

In most cases, you will need to take action to join a group but sometimes you may be added to a group automatically by your tutor.

In this case, look for the group:

  • Under Groups > My Groups to see a list of groups you are a member of.
  • Or search using a keyword from the group title under Find Groups and filter using 'Groups I'm in' from the drop down menu.
  • Or see the groups you are a member of on the Dashboard in the right hand Personal information panel.

Join a Group directly from a web link.

Your tutor may email you a link or ask you to click on a link in studentcentral that will take you to the group they want you to join.

Click on the web link and log-in to studentfolio. This will take you directly to the Group's About page.

Click the Join this group button at the top of the page.

Note: The tutor may choose to hide the group so it cannot be found using the search feature in studentfolio as a way to restrict who can join the group.