Share Pages & Collections

How to Share a Page or Collection

Share Pages & Collections

How to Share a Page or Collection

Edit Access to a Page or Collection

Edit Access to a Page or Collection

Create a Secret URL

Create a Secret URL

How to Share Pages (and Collections)

What is sharing?

When you have created a page in studentfolio, no one else can see the page until you chose to Share it.

The option to Share means you can customise who has access to view your Page. Permission settings to view a page (or a collection) are as follows:

  • Specific individuals (Friends and Users),
  • A Group,
  • All users with access to studentfolio (Logged-in users),
  • Or anyone on the Internet (Public).

There are two places on studentfolio where you can set who has access to view your Pages:

1. Under 'Shared by me'.

Go to Portfolio > Shared by me.

portfolio shared by me.jpg

This is the quickest way to find a page and edit the access rights and if you want to apply the same access rights to multiple pages or a collection in one go.

access list.jpg

This is also the place where you are able to produce a Secret URL for a page.

The Share screen shows you:

a. A list of all of your existing Pages and Collections.
b. The Access list, highlighting which users or groups you have given access to on particular pages or collections.
c. The Edit access buttons for each page or collection to change the access rights.
d. The Secret URL buttons for each collection or page to generate a hidden web address.

2. When editing a Page.

The menu link 'Share page' is available when you are editing a page and allows you to set up access permissions while you are in the process of creating a page.

Clicking the 'Share Page' link takes you to the Edit Access screen where you can choose who to share the page with.

share page from page.jpg


Share a Group Page

A Page created in a Group can be shared in the same way as Pages created by an individual.

Note: This is only possible if your tutor has allowed you to create Pages in the group you are a member of.

To Share a Group Page, go to Groups > My Groups and click on the title of the group that has the page you want to share.

groups my groups.jpg


1. Click on the Share tab.

2. Click the Edit Access button padlock.jpg beside the title of the Page you want to share.


share group page.jpg


3. Choose from the Share with options on the left of the page.

See Edit access to a Page (or Collection) for full details of the different sharing options.

share access.jpg

Each line represents a different user/group that can see your Group page. You can remove permission at any time by clicking the Delete icon recyle bin.jpg 

Use the drop down menu to select a friend, group or user to share the page with, or make it available to the Public or Registered Users (A)

If you select a friend/group or user as an option, you'll then need to search by name to add them (B)

4. You can repeat the process to share with more users as required. You can also restrict access by using the 'From' and 'To' boxes to define dates which the user/group can access the page. 

5. Click the Save button at the bottom of the window to make the changes (C).


6. Under the Share tab in the Group, you can see who has access to the Pages by looking at the Access List next to the title of the page.

You can click on the Edit Access button at any time to add or remove these permissions.

 share list.jpg