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Using a Journal

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Add Images to a Journal Entry

To add an image to a journal entry, the image will need to have been:

  1. Uploaded to the Files section on studentfolio
  2. Or, be an image stored elsewhere online.

Look at how to Add an image to a journal entry using the Text Editor when you are adding a New Entry.



What is the Journal?

You can keep a journal (or blog) for reflection or as a diary within studentfolio.

  • This can be a good way to keep a personal record of any academic or professional activity that might develop over time. 
  • Your Journal is built up over time by making separate, mulitple entries. And these are shown in order by date.
  • Your Journal is private to you unless to choose to share entries by adding them to a Page.
  • Entries in your Journal can be added to Pages to evidence your thinking or progress.
  • By default, a Journal titled with your name is set up for you. But you also have the ability to set up more Journals.

Adding a Journal Entry

Go to Content > Journal.

Note: You can also add a Journal entry when you are in a Page, if the Journal content block has been included.


Click on the New Entry button to make a post in your Journal.


1. Give your entry a Title.

2. Under Entry, write your post. Use the text editor to format your text, add images or hyperlinks to other websites.

3. Add Tags (keywords) to your entry to make it easer to search for. Separate each tag with a comma. You can pick from a list of previously created tags by clicking on 'Show my tags'. (Entering tags can be helpful if you want to group Journal entries that can then be added to Page based on a particular tag.)

4. Attach a file to an entry, click the Add a File button to search for a file to upload from your computer.

5. Draft - tick the Draft box if you want to keep your entry private. This is useful if you have released your Journal on a Page that other's can see.

6. Choose if you want to Allow Comments on your entry. By default the box is ticked to allow others to enter comments.

Click the Save entry button to publish your entry.

Note: Your Journal entries are only viewable to others if you have added the Journal content block onto a Page that has been shared.


Edit your Journal

To edit your Journal or any of the entries go to Content > Journal.

1. Click the Settings button to edit the title of the Journal or add a description or tags. See change your Journal settings (Note: Licence options are not available.)

2. Click the Edit icon  beside the title of a Journal entry to make changes to the content of that post.

  • Click the Delete icon  to remove the entry.

3. If you want to hide a journal entry click the Unpublish button beside the title of the entry. This makes it a private Draft.

  • If you have saved an entry as a Draft this is shown next to the title of the entry. Click the Publish button to make the entry viewable if it has been included in a Page.



Create another Journal

By default you have only one Journal but you can create others (maybe for other projects, purposes or audiences).

Enable Multiple Journals

The ability to create a new journal has to be enabled in your Account Settings.

To access Account Settings, either click on the link at the bottom of the Journal page.

Or, go to the Settings link in the top right hand corner of the studentfolio page.


Under General Account Options, click the tick box next to 'Multiple journals'. And click the Save button.



Create a new Journal

Go back to Content > Journal. You will now see the Create Journal button.

Click the Create Journal button.

  1. Enter a Title for your journal.
  2. Enter a Description (optional).
  3. Add Tags to your Journal to help find it in searches.

Click Create Journal to complete the process.

 The Journal is now added to your list under the Journal section.


Managing Multiple Journals

Once you have more than one journal set up, the Journal screen is slightly different.

All of your journals are listed under Content > Journal.

1. Click the Create Journal button to make a new journal.

2. Click on the New entry button next to the title of a journal to make a post in that journal.

3. Click the Edit icon beside the title of a journal to change it's title, description or tags.

  • Click the Delete icon to remove the journal from your account. (Note: All content is deleted permanently and removed from any pages it was showing on).