Aluiza Garabedyan - Interior Architecture BA(Hons)

"Gröning Filmography space"


"Into Great Silence" by Philip Gröning/trailer/


Name: Aluiza Garabedyan

Course: Interior Architecture BA (Hons)

Year of graduation: 2014

Title of work:  "Gröning Filmography space"

Exhibition room number and building: Grand Parade - Courtyard Pavillion

Contact email address:

Description of my work:

“Gröning Filmography space is found within the existing building of Cockcroft Building (University of Brighton, Brighton, UK). It is part of the Artist-In-Residence space designed for the German film director Philip Gröning, which is a project hosted by the university. Gröning is one of few other artists inhabiting the last two floors of Cockcroft building for a limited amount of time /6months/. The “Gröning Filmography space” is the place where the work of the artist is being exhibited with the aid of everyday projections. The artist community of Cockcroft building as well as the public are invited in this cinematic place with contrasting interior experience to enjoy the artwork of the infamous master of sensational films and documentaries."