Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

By using studentfolio you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions given below.

You are required to abide by University policy as set out in the Student Handbook, including the Conditions of Use of University of Brighton Computer Systems (is907) at Policies and Procedures web page. 

This includes but is not limited to:

  • The Data Protection Act 1998 and other UK legislation.
  • Only using studentfolio for personal non-commercial academic purposes.
  • Keeping your username and password confidential.
  • Ensuring content and communications are not discriminatory, obscene, likely to cause offence or promote/glorify terrorism.
  • And are not deformatory or libelous; harrasssing or bullying.
  • Making clear that where personal opinions are expressed these views are your own and not that of the University.
  • Complicance with the Code of practice on Freedom of Speech and Equality & Diversity.

Our obligations

The studentfolio Site Administrators will undertake all reasonable steps to provide all users with a safe, secure and operational electronic portfolio system. If you feel that the terms and conditions have been breached please Contact Us immediately with all relevant details.

studentfolio will occasionally be unavailable for short periods of time as we release new system features. Notice will be given when this happens and scheduled to minimise inconvenience.

Site Administrators may access your portfolio and its contents at anytime, however they will avoid doing so unless specifically required to support your use of studentfolio or as per these Terms and Conditions. They also reserve the right to remove any content on or access to studentfolio at anytime where the Terms & Conditions or policy of the University appear to have been breached. 

Access to studentfolio will cease with your University account details when you leave the University or your account is suspended. You will not be able to edit content after this time. All of your content in studentfolio will remain active and available to view. It is possible to save your content either in html format or to export to an external e-portfolio tool that supports the LEAP2A format. 

The University may, with your agreement and/or where content has been made public, use content from your e-portfolio for University purposes.

Your obligations

The Privacy Statement should be considered an extension of these Terms and Conditions and be read by all users.

We sugggest that you save a copy of your e-portfolio shortly before leaving the University so that you have it for future use.

All files and content you upload to studentfolio are subject to UK Copyright legislation. You are responsible for ensuring you have appropriate permission to reproduce and publish any work that is not your own. Incidents of plagiarism will be dealt with in accordance with University regulations.

If the Site Administrator receives report of any objectionable material within your portfolio or any inappropriate behaviour, your account will be suspended and your access to studentfolio frozen and/or the content taken down pending an investigation in accordance with University regulations. 

Any unsolicited contact you receive as a result of personal information you have publicly released via your e-portfolio is your responsibility, however any misconduct in behaviour from users of the system should be reported to the Service Desk immediately. Read our Working Safely Online page for guidance.

We may occasionally make minor adjustments to our Terms and Condition to reflect changes to the system and in response to user feedback. As such we suggest you check the Terms and Conditions each time you visit this site.