A tailored search engine for graduate jobs



About Me

Name: Anna Wilde

Course: Computer Science (Games)


What is it?

A competent E-Recruiting system, tailored to the needs of graduate students, which focuses on returning the most relevant job postings rather than the highest frequency.

Project Abstract

The purpose of the product is to simplify the job-seeking process for graduate students, by having a multitude of job postings accessible in one place and facilitating complicated searches, based on a large number of user criteria with adjustable priority status, to return results which are very accurate to the user’s needs.

I am trying to address the problem that many E-recruiting website users experience; the websites are difficult to use and return results that aren’t particularly relevant to the users’ input criteria, criteria which often are representative of the users’ interests.

Priorititised search

The user can input priorities for each criteria of their search using sliders. These priorities affect the order of the listings on the search results; with the most relevant listings being the ones which matched the user's most important criteria.


System implemented in Python 3.5

Using libraries:

SQLite3 for database management

CherryPy for managing web content

Clarity: Entry Page