Test Write




Test Write is a tool designed to allow the simple creation of automated test scripts, with minimal effort and no interaction with source code.

The creation and implementation of automated testing enables the removal of repetitive, time consuming, manual methods, allowing better allocation of staff time and a deeper analysis of a system.

Through intelligent element location, users inexperienced with web design and interaction can pinpoint specific elements on a page to be used in the construction of automated tests.

Tests can be created through a series of instructions built within an intuitive user interface, and saved for future execution. Interaction options and elements are presented to the user based on relevance, dynamically changing output based on the situation and page.

As a test library grows, Test Write provides an environment to build and execute test runs, automatically storing technical results files. These include the outcome of a test, the page and area that a result was acquired on, along with the test step number and reasons for failure the system encounters a fault.

About Me

Name: David Cumming

Course: BSc (Hons) Computer Science

Project: Test Write Automated Testing Tool

Email: D.Cumming2@Uni.Brighton.ac.uk

Use Cases

Build and run an ever-growing library of automated tests.

View detailed results breakdowns, formatted for import to project managements software.

Construct tests from previously located elements provided based on the page with which you wish to interact.

A simple and intuitive user interface allows for creation of tests no interaction with code or scripts.

Technologies Used

- Java


- Selenium

- Apache



- Swing Builder