The Procedural Generation of 3D House Interiors for Use in Modern Computer Games

Tags: 3D Graphcis, Project Exhibition

Project Problem

The problem this project addresses is a rather simple scenario. A player is walking around inside a game environment - in a multi-player first person shooter style game - and comes across a door to a building. In this type of scenario there are two outcomes to the player attempting to open a door. The door will open or the door will be locked. Often times when the door is locked it isn’t just simply locked but barricaded in some way so as to keep the immersion of the game. The reason that many of the houses in these type of game environments are not accessible to the player is down to the developer not being willing to dedicate resources to having all the houses designed by a 3D Designer/Modeller, and then being written into the game by a writer. This makes populating a game world with houses take up a lot of man hours and therefore money, which rarely fits into the budget of a development studio.

Project Solution

The solution to this problem is to make houses without a designer. The way to achieve this is to create a generator which will allow a designer to describe the house they want created and allow the program to do the bulk of the work, in return the designer receives a 3D object file of a house and it will only have cost them a fraction of the time it would have to have designed the house themselves.