Tony's Gardens Professional Tools Online Shop

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A personalised e-commerce website to increase the effectiveness of selling professional gardening tools and equipment.

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About Me

Name: Giuseppe Favata

Course: BA (hons) Business Information Systems

Project Title: Tony's Gardens Professional Tools Online Shop



Project Overview

Tony's Gardens Pro Tools is an ecommerce website that aims to promote the tools and equipment that my client sells. The goal of the project is to develop an online solution in form of a professional website that will help my client attract a higher number of target audience users. For my final year project, I decided to utilise the skills gained from all of my previous years at University to create a website that focuses on modules I have been taught. The project involved using web development (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP), project management (Agile and incorporating methodologies such as Scrum and XP), Database, Usability and Digital Marketing skills. 

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Project Focus

  • Responsive Design
  • E-commerce
  • Digital Marketing
  • Usability
  • User Interface and User Experience
  • Professional Design

The Client

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My client Tony’s Gardens are a business that requires an e-commerce website to fulfill their business goals and targets. Tony’s Gardens are a professional gardening business, based in Surrey that currently sell professional gardening tools and equipment by word of mouth to similar gardening businesses in the surrounding area that require professional gardening products. 

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