Android Music Application


This project is an Android Music Player App which allows the user to play their saved music files on their phone and listen to them, the application has some features such as shuffle play, stop, pause, next and previous song, and the user can fast forward or rewind for 15 seconds. The Application is also capable of playing music in the background even when exiting the app or while using a different app. I used Android Studio and Java coding language as my development environment. XML was also used as layout files by default in Android studio.


  • Android studio – officially used by Google to develop applications for Android operating system.
  • Java – the official language for Android development. Large parts of Android are written in Java, and its APIs are intended to be called primarily from Java.
  • XML – straightforward and easy to use language that works perfectly with java as well as it is a reliable way to make rules for encoding documents in a format that is both human-readable and machine-readable.
  • Operating systems that are used for the development of the application: Windows, Android 7.0.
  • Hardware that is used for the development of the application: Personal laptop, HP Envy, Android Studio virtual device emulator.



About Me

Name: Hussein Mahdi

Course: Computer Science (Games)