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PinFo is an Android application that allows its users to post recommendations about local activities, restaurants, bars or just anything they would like to mark as a point of interest. Brighton is a perfect example of why this application will work so well. With events like the Fringe Festival or the abundance of street art dotted around the city, there will never be a shortage of content. At its core PinFo aims to introduce its users to new and exciting things, help them discover where the things they love are and build a sense of community.


To create such a system I have applied the libraries that Google provide for their Maps, Places and Firebase APIs to the ideas that I had at the start of the project. Utilising technologies I have learnt throughout my time at university like Java, as well as some new ones I have been exposed to developing PinFo. Ultimately creating a simplistic and robust solution to the problem.



About Me

Name: Howard Hardy




Course: BSc (Hons) Computer Science

Technologies Used

- Firebase API

- NoSQL Key Value pair database

- JSON data

- Google Maps API

- Google Places API

- Gradle build system (Ver 2.3.0)

- Android Studio (SDK Ver 25)

- Android Marshmallow (Ver 6.0.1)

- Java