Project: Improving Digital Media for CVD Users

The following content for this page is part of my final year project

"Improving Digital Media for CVD users"


The project is about colour vision deficiencies (CVD) or commonly known as colour blindness.

This page provides  the website I have developed for this project, where viewers may find guidance 

on the topic of CVD including guidance for digital media designers to produce graphics that are easier to

see for people with this condition. There is also a CVD test which I have developed for this project,

Including a 3D animated video simulating different classes of colour vision, ranging from full colour to complete 

colour blindness (black and white).

Project Logo


Profile information

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Tools used for developing this project

Software tools for creating graphics and animation:


  • Adobe Photoshop (Graphics and Textures)
  • Adobe After Effects (Video editing and effects)
  • Manga Studio 5 (Concept Art and Character Textures)
  • Maya 2017 (3D modelling and animation)

Code developed for the CVD test was developed using Html, CSS and JavaScript.

Project Description

The Individual project I have developed is about CVD (Colour Vision Deficiencies), commonly known as colour blindness, which involved researching many subjects on the human eyesight linked to CVD, such as causes, development and testing someone for this condition. 


The following link will take you to the website which contains the following pages:

Home page - Provides information regarding CVD and guidance for developing effective graphics for people with this condition.

Test page - The CVD test developed for the people's colour vision on different colour spectrums.

Video page - The 3D animated video developed for this project, simulating the same scene through different classes of CVD. Get the chance to see what someone would see with the CVD condition. The same video can be played just below.



Final Year Report



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