Alex Chalmers 


Art and Architecture


From a young age, Chalmers choose a pencil as his tool. Originally hoping to attend Architect school, he didn’t too as well as hoped academically, he decided to go to Art school. For Chalmers Art school was a place to experiment, there was space to fail and to experiment with materials and objects. 


After finishing Art school, Chalmers and friend decided to build a studio in one their gardens, during this experiance they learnt about construction and materials as they built the studio. They experimented with several materials an technologies and it still stands today, they collected unwanted and unused materials from around them.  Throughout this physical process Chalmers kept a journal it was a way to get things out to put them onto paper. Whilst doing this Chalmers became part of many different activities, youth club, materials workshops, bronze metalwork and moved to London which eventually lead him to going to Architecture School. 


Chalmers went to Architecture school and during his last year he realised he was going to fail. Chalmers then decided to move to New York, be became very interested in Photography, for Champers photography was a different way to engage with Architecture. Photography gave Chalmers a chance to look at materials and the domestic, rural surroundings. This helped Chalmers and gave him a different perspective and perception of Architecture, he then moved back to London to finish the last year at school mostly being involved in photos and movies. 


After finishing at Architecture school, Chalmers opened his own office, a combination of Art and Architecture, literally half Art and half Architecture. To get an income they started working on older houses and in his spare time he would work on Art. 


After leaving this space, Chalmers needed a new studio to work him, so he created a portable studio made of found materials, it was simply a box that sat inside another room. Originally being a studio it turned into a performance space, an open studio, an exhibition space. The portable studio allowed Chalmers to experiment and manipulate space and materials. At this time Chalmers became involved with an organization called Ultimatefate, it is an organization for artists, experiment with other artists and ideas. This lead Chalmers back to drawings and larger drawings and bigger spaces using a mixture of materials techniques.