#playlearn17 challenge in 360!

1. Construct your Cardboard viewfinder

Hopefully you still have your Cardboard viewfinder from the opening day of the conference. If yours is still in platpack from you can use the following video guide to help you construct it.

2. Create your 360 environment


You now need to create a 360 environment to capture on camera. Your environment will require a continuous backdrop with some foreground action.

We would like you to create a small scene which sums up your experience in Manchester, the things you learnt, enjoyed or those which made an impact over the three days. Perhaps look back through the conference #playlearn17 hashtage to remind yourself. Your soft, playful companian should, of course, feature in the scene.

For the 360 backdrop, we suggest taping together 6-8 A4 sheets of plain card/paper in a continous circle and adding your own drawings, stickers, graphics etc.

3. Download Google Cardboard Camera app

You will need to download the Google Cardboard Camera app to your mobile device. This app allows you to take spherical images with your phone or tablet. It is free and available for iOS and Android.

This is differenet to the Google Cardboard app which allows you to only view content.


4. Capture your 360 image


You will need to place your phone in the centre of your 360 scene to take the picture. We found it best to use a small piece of Bluetac to steady your phone as you rotate it through 360 degrees to create your image.

5. Tweet the results!

Be sure to tweet the results of this challenge to #playlearn17 so your human and non-human playful friends can enjoy the 360 pics!


And, of course, explore your new environment with your Cardboard viewfinder by placing your phone in the front compartment and viewing the captured image in the Cardboard Camera app.