Natasha Robertson - Quiet the Mind with Data

Final Project


Skills Used


  • Requirements Analysis
  • Android Studio
  • Android Development
  • Java
  • Mobile Context
  • Project Management
  • HCI
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Conducting interview
  • UML (Sequence, Class, Use Case)
  • - Design Patterns
  • Web Application Development
  • Sessions and Cookies
  • Security
  • Ethical issues and research

Profile information

  • First name: Natasha
  • Last name: Robertson



Requirements gathering is a critical procedure within a project that has a direct influences on its eventual success or failure. Working with stakeholders and identifying their needs can be challenging, even when a stakeholder has an existing knowledge of the proposed product or service.

This project sets out to elicit requirements from a non-technical stakeholder, aka technophobe, who has no existing knowledge or experience of the proposed focus. A combination of professional techniques are applied in order to develop a product that meets the specific needs of the stakeholder.

The proposed focus of investigation is meditation whereby a significant portion of users are selfconfessed technophobes who believe that technology has ‘no place within the art of meditation’. Although not impossible, these beliefs and attitude towards technology will make it more challenging to encourage participation, gather requirements and produce technical documentation to support the development of an application.