Autonomous Mapping Robot

Project Description

For our team project, as a part of the intergrated masters computer science course we have created a network of automous robots. We have multiple robots that map out their surrounding environment and use pathfinding algorithms to find the most efficient path to the goal; there are also the options to manually control the robots through both a compuer or a mobile app, or to have to robots drive around automatically with no direction given.








Our Team

Daniel Stickley - Implemented wireless network

Nathan Rose - Implemented A* pathfinding

Aaron Edwards - Reseached how genetic algorithms could be used to improve pathfinding efficiency

Jonathan Fenn-Tye - Researched swarm intelligence and robotic coordination

Technology Used

  • LiDAR two dimensional scanner
  • Sonar object detection sensors
  • Infra-red object detection sensors
  • Arduino Mega's and Uno's
  • WiFly wireless transmitters
  • XBee wireless transmitters