Fitness workout application - FitMe!



For my final project, I developed an Android health and fitness application called FitMe. This application offers the user various exercises to choose from depending on their fitness goal. My purpose of creating this application came from the idea that most applications requires Wi-Fi/mobile data in order for the user to fully utilise it, which brought me to the concept of creating one which didn't require any Wi-Fi at all.

This application is very beneficial to those who do not have access to Wi-Fi/mobile data or cannot afford it. With no need of Wi-Fi this application also prolongs the battery life of the user's smartphone, allowing them to use their phone for a longer period of time.

The application is optimised for use with a smartphone with an Android operating system, and will be available on the Google Play Store soon as possible. 





Android Studio - Android studio is a powerful and the official IDE to develop Android applications. I used this as I was making an Android application and it also has a website (, which contains guides and tutorials on how to develop it. Furthermore it contains IntelliJ IDEA which is a professional tool that allows users to write code in numerous programming languages.

Java -  I wrote and developed this application in Java due to the fact that Java is the most common programming language used all over the world. During my time at University of Brighton I have also used Java the most therefore I have a better understanding of it compared to other languages.

Wireframe -  This was used in order to create my initial template of how each activity will pan out to look like and witness the transition between one activity to another.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - Testing out the application on a real smartphone device is key to finding many hidden errors and I used my own mobile phone device to test out my application as I progressed throughout my project.

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