"A pint for an inventory application? Deal!"

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The “I Peuceti Sas“ is the first craft brewery in my hometown Bitonto, Bari, Italy. It was born in 2012 and from then on, with the genius of my dad, Giuseppe, its main founder and the other 3 co-founders, more than 15 kinds of beer have been produced and spread all over Italy and in some places abroad.


More Details

Each beer is brewed by using a wide range of raw material produced by local farmers, which is periodically bought, stored and used till the last bit or till it expires.

Once the beer is ready to be drunk, it is divided into 33cl bottles, 75cl bottles, that can be sold in boxes of 12 bottles (33cl) and boxes of 6 bottles (74cl) and in 20 and 30 litres barrels.

The brewery has loyal customers, who buy some of the production on a regular basis and occasional ones too.

All these data have to be recorded for the inventory and the calculation of the yearly expenses and profit.

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Project Abstract

The brewery has already a Cloud service to manage the sales of final products and to record the purchase of the material used to produce them; this is where the details of the loyal customers, the final products, the raw material and its sellers are kept and the invoices produced and sent to the clients.

The quantity of final products, the raw material and the accessories for the packaging (bottles, labels, tops, boxes, etc.) was recorded in an Excel document. This is static and not so easy to consult, due to the huge amount of data it contains, which makes the user take much more time, than he should, to search for the right field to update.

My project is an inventory application from which the users, who have log in credentials for it, can check how many units of a product are in stock along with its ingredients and packaging items’ quantity and edit these quantities from the same page too.

The web pages are connected to an inventory database, which is automatically updated when the user makes changes to the quantity of an item from the website.  

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Application Access

The application is accessible via URL but, its functionalities work only if accessed via Visual Studio and the user has the right SQL database permissions. 

These are the URLs for the Login Page and the Main Page:



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