CI301 Enhancing the Community - Building a Reddit Bot

by Skye
Tags: Bots, Individual Project, Python



I’m going to investigate why and how programmers design Reddit bots, to achieve their intentions by contacting programmer’s which have produced bots. I will Research ways bots have improved online communities and how they have hindered users as well. I will be researching the design considerations, such as making the system usable. The ethical considerations, the rules I need to follow as defined by Reddit, how I will follow the universities ethics and consider ethical implications of bots on other platforms. I plan to incorporate what I have learnt and create my own Reddit bot. The aim of the Reddit bot is to improve the users experience and encourage more people to use the platform.

BUCSBot Examples



About Me

Name : Skye Plume

Student No: 13820874

Course: BSC HONS Digital Games Production

Project Title: Enhancing the Community - Building a Reddit Bot

Email: or




Technologies Used

  1. Python
  2. PRAW - Python Reddit API Wrapper
  3. OS - Miscellaneous operating system interfaces
  4. RE - Regular Expressions Operation
  5. PDB - The Python Debugger
  6. Windows Task Scheduler
  7. Batch
  8. Google Forms