Layla Tully


Inclusion Participation Collaboration

I am an artist, art teacher, collaborator, participant, researcher and enquirer. I have been working as an inclusive arts practitioner and an arts educator for over eight years. I currently provide arts award provision for Art in Mind, Peacehaven community School and Brighton Youth Centre. I also work with exploring senses as an artist/maker/facilitator delivering workshop events for the Young Inventors Centre and the University of Brighton supporting undergrad modules working with the Rocket artists.

I aspire to facilitate access to art for all people, and to support the development of individual artistic journeys though multi disciplinary arts and collaboration. 

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My Practice

My practice revolves around creating inclusive environments where I can facilitate and foster individual and group artistic development. Through sharing the processes of art making and artistic outcomes, I endeavour to widen my spheres of experience and perception alongside those of my collaborators, participants and audiences.


I offer the following services

Inclusive Arts workshops/collaborations- one to one or group work

Arts Award Advisor

Inclusive curation/representation advisor

Social skills through art workshops

Inclusive art professional development opportunities

Working with SEN in schools professional development and support




Inclusive art making that facilitates new possibilities.

The magic of the everyday - small moments where you do something new, something you've always wanted to do, but have been unable. Being a guest at a wedding, flying a kite, diving into the deep end of a swimming pool. Small desires, small dreams, moments of self belief, of hope. They link us together and remind us of the magic to be found in the crevices of the kitchen, the shelves of Sainsburys and the top of a double-decker bus. 

Research Question: How can Inclusive Arts Practices Facilitate Learning Disabled Artists to Explore their Identity?

How you know my name? Was an action research project which took place over 12 day long sessions in the Blue Room Studio, The Phoenix Brighton, between September 2012 and January 2013. Four Rocket Artists participated and the research culminated in an inclusive exhibition at the Phoenix Brighton.

The core aim of the research project was to facilitate a group of learning disabled artists to represent themselves through their artwork in a public context. What would these artists want to communicate about themselves to the wider public and how could Inclusive Arts Practice help to facilitate that?

The Impact for the Artists

The impact was threefold- development of their practical and creative skills, visibility of their work to a new audience and the challenging of preconceptions of learning disabilities. Jeanette made and flew a kite for the first time, expanding her realm of experience and practical skills base. Susan expressed a great sense of pride in her workI am very proud of myself today”.

Images feature the work of  the Rocket Artists Jeanette, John, Kelvin and Susan and Inclusive Artist Layla Tully