The Level Skate Shop

An over view of my final year project.



Project Summary

The Level Skate Shop is a small skate shop located in the heart of Brighton. In this project I have created an ecommerce website for the store alongside with digital marketing strategies to gain more potential customers and to retain customers. During the project I have used different skills learnt throughout my university studies. Different skills such as project management, managing the project in an agile manner alongside with other agile methodologies. Incorporating skills from digital marketing module, how to use SEO tools and how to optimise the website to its full marketing potential.


The Level Skate Shop is owned by Simon. Simon has a passionate love for skateboarding and set up his business with his wife Faye. The store specialises in skateboard hardware, accessories, shoes and clothing. Their targeted audience are the skateboarders that go to The Level Skate Park across the road whose age ranges from 10-40 years old and making their store family friendly for parents who want to buy their children skate stuff.

Key areas

  • Digital marketing
  • SEO
  • Ecommerce
  • Responsive design
  • Compatibility
  • Web design

About me

Name: Wings Chan

Course: BA (hons) Business Information Systems



I chose to take on this project because I feel that it shows what I have learnt throughout my whole three years at university. The different modules I have learnt from I really enjoyed digital marketing and see myself in the near future having a career that involves skills learnt from this module. Undertaking this type of project I wanted to show potential companies how have adapted my skill learnt from university and integrated them in a project.


August 2015 I did one month placement in Shenzhen China. I worked with a great team in a company called Shoosha doing digital marketing. In the future I see myself either going back to China or abroad doing similar work and by demonstrating my capabilities with pass work experience and the final year project to help me with a brighter future.