What you want to do

I want to do a collection of photo responses to Berenice Abbott’s Changing New York. Instead of New York, I shall be taking photos of Brighton.

Why you think this is interesting and important

Although Brighton did not boast a ‘building boom’ of the same proportions to that of New York in the 1930s, the similarities that Brighton has to Abbott’s study can be seen in the close proximity of different styles of architecture and the impact this has on the urban spaces of Brighton. From my judgement, elements of juxtaposition form a central part of Abbott’s study and this can equally be found within Brighton.

How you are going to achieve this

Although Abbott’s exhibitions of these photographs did not organise the photographs by place, I shall be taking inspiration from Yochelson’s collection of this project by taking photographs from different areas of Brighton and compiling them. My focus will be on finding places that contain the most architectural juxtaposition; either being found within one photograph or from comparing the collection as a whole.