Create a Group

What would I use Groups for?

Groups can be set up to enable:

  • Collaboration of a group of students - they can use the group forums for discussion and share files and create group web pages.
  • Peer reviewing - students in a group can share personal pages from their portfolio and give feedback to each other.
  • Enable formal Assignment Submissions - if a group enables 'Submissions' the students enrolled on that group can submit pages to the group, the pages are 'locked' so that the student can no longer edit the page, only the tutor can see the pages and provide feedback.



Request access to set up groups

Only users with ‘staff’ permissions can create groups. By default you will not have permission to create groups.

Academics can request Staff permissions by contacting a Learning Technologies Adviser.

The person who creates the group is automatically made the ‘Group Administrator’. They can give other members of the group either Tutor or Administrator permissions and edit the settings at any time.

*Before setting up a group we recommend speaking to your Learning Technologies Adviser


1. How to create a group

To create a group:

  • Go to Groups and My Groups.
  • And click the Create Groups button.

In the Create Group screen:

1. Give your Group a Name. (Required field).
2. And a Group Description. (Optional)


3. Select settings for Pages

4. The Pages section determines how pages can be used in the group area.

a. Create and Edit Pages – allows you to choose who can create and edit group pages (these are pages created in the group area itself.)

  • All group members
  • Everyone except ordinary members (if you have selected ‘Course – Member, Tutor, Admin’ under Roles, this option allows anyone allocated the role of tutor to create and edit pages.)
  • Group Administrators

b. Allow submissions – tick this option to allow members to submit pages to the group area for formal assessment.
In this process, the submitted pages and any files used on the page are locked (preventing editing) until the tutor or group administrator releases the page back to the user with feedback.

(Note: Members of the group can always share a page with the group but this method is separate from allow submission and does not lock the Page.)


2. Control group membership

Decide on the Group settings:

3. Under Membership, determine how students can join your group.

a. Open – creates a group that anyone in studentfolio can join without your approval.

b. Controlled – creates a group where you can add users and prevent users from choosing to leave the group.

c. Request – allows users to send you a membership request to join the group. (Note: this option is only available if you have selected Controlled membership.)

Recommended method for enrolling students
The easiest option for getting your students enrolled is to make your group hidden (see section 5) and the membership 'Open'. Once you've created the group go to the group home page and copy the URL. Send the URL to your students and then they simply click a 'Join' button.

d. Roles – Choose between 2 options:

  • ‘Standard: Member, Admin’ – means members of the group will be normal users (members) or can be made Group Administrators who can edit the settings and membership for the group.
  • ‘Course – Member, Tutor, Admin’ – if this option is selected the role of Tutor can be allocated to a group member in addition to the administrator. A tutor can provide feedback on and release pages back, to members when 'Allow submission' has been selected.


e. Friend Invitations – tick the box to allow members of a group to send an invitation to a friend to join the group. (This option useful for promoting group membership.)

f. Recommendations – tick this box to allow members to send a recommendation to friends to join this group. (This option is only available if Open membership has been selected.)


4. Choose who can see & find the group

5. The Visibility section determines how other users can find and view the group.

a. Publically viewable group – ticking this option allows anyone on the Internet to view the group ‘About’ home page and contributions to discussion ‘Forums’ in the group. (If ‘Hide Membership’ has not been ticked then the members listed on the group are also publically viewable.)
Note: Only members can see the group’s Pages and Files, unless they have been shared to make them public.

b. Hide group – this option stops the group being searched for and listed in Find Groups.
This option is useful to archive groups that are no longer active from previous years.
c. Hide Membership – members of the group are not shown to non-members.
d. Hide membership from members – membership of the group is only seen by the group administrator/s.

e. Participation report - tick this box if you want group administrators to view a report showing all of the group pages and pages shared with the group, inlcuding who has commented on them.


5. Set user editability & notifications

6. Editability - Choose to time limit when members of the group can create or edit content in the group. (Make Forum posts, or create Pages and Collections where you have allowed this under the Pages section.) Un-tick the Not specified box and enter a Start date and / or an End date for when editing is allowed. Do not change the settings if you want members to always have editing rights. 

7. General - Choose a Group catergory, from the list. This can be used to help search for your groups by type under 'My Groups.'

Shared page notifications – if this option is ticked members of the group receive email notifications if someone shares a page with the group.

This option is not be suitable for large groups where a significant number of notifications can be generated.

8. Click the Save group button to finish.