Pop Will Eat Itself

I have developed web sites for the band Pop Will Eat Itself. I have used bespoke code and worked with Wordpress and PHPBB

2012 Design

Full template, design and wordpress installation for Pop Will Eat Itself site

PWEI 2012

2014 Design

Implementation of Design from photoshop template. Addition of a World cup themed remix competition. The remix competition was featured on Soccer Am and various newspapers. The remix competition was created with Zend Framework 2 and hosted on Amazon S3. The competition received over 30 remixes

PWEI 2014


Pweination 2011

The fan forum for fans of Pop Will Eat Itself. Zend Framework site combined with PhPBB. It's looking a bit tired now but has over 800 members. 

pweination 2011


08 July 2014, 11:50

Wow. I'm a PWEI fan.

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